Cautiously optimistic

I apologize for not keeping my website updated.  

My heart breaks for all the students who worked so hard towards graduation and haven't been able to celebrate as planned, and all the brides who have had to postpone or cancel their weddings, people who have been isolated from their families, and so much more. Even those who have had to leave this life all alone, without family close enough to hold their hand and say goodbye. This has been a trying time for most of us, and for me a time to let go of some things and remember that God is good and is in control and has a plan.

With less work to do, I did enjoy spending a little extra time with my daughter and her family before they moved to Nebraska a few weeks ago. They came home from West Africa to stay with me until the birth of their second daughter, and for many reasons decided to stay in the US for a time. They are now on staff at Maranatha Bible Camp in Nebraska.

That said, after being pretty much closed for about 6 weeks, I am open for business, following suggested precautions such as wearing masks and using plenty of disinfectant. From what I'm hearing right now, many are rescheduling weddings for next year rather than later this year, so I do recommend making plans sooner than later. I am hoping the worst is over and things will continue to improve.

Stay safe and healthy, and I hope to see you soon!