Bridesmaid dresses

The selection of options for bridesmaid dresses is seemingly endless - styles, lengths, colors, fabrics, embellishments . . .

After a bride decides on the look she would like for her wedding, it is wise to consider the individual bridesmaids and what they are comfortable with, as well. There are many styles which flatter all body types, such as the empire waist or A-line with a side sweep. One option is to choose the color of dress, and let each bridesmaid choose the style she would like to wear. One of my brides purchased the fabric she wanted - white satin with an eggplant lace overlay - and let each bridesmaid choose the pattern she wanted to wear. They were all similar in length and skirt shape, but each had a unique bodice and neckline. Each bridesmaid had the dress she wanted, custom made for a perfect fit. They enjoyed wearing their dresses and looked beautiful! And of course, the bride was happy.

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